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Web Services

Neo•Paradigms builds web solutions that range in complexity from strict XHTML/HTML and CSS compliant through complete dynamic designs and interactive multimedia Virtual Reality presentations. Our sites are developed as integrated online solutions to support your business goals. This developmental directive begins at the initial consultation stages of the site's design and carries forward through user interface development, e-commerce and data interaction design and continues to deployment and support.

Web development is more than text, hyperlinking and images. It is the definition of a business tool; your web presence. It is the ongoing, always-open storefront and demonstration of your enterprise to the world. It is arguably the most effective means of conducting business with the globe. A powerful, well constructed Internet identity can conduct your business at all times and can place Your Name and Your Product or Service in your customers' hands ahead of your competitors.

A truly well constructed website can be your best asset. A poorly constructed site will have the opposite effect - without fail. Neo•Paradigms has been presenting commercial and private entities to the internet consumer base since 1992. We saw e-commerce take its first hesitant steps and, with the solidification of Internet Banking security, mature into the profitable engine it is today. We have waged the Search Engine Optimization wars and have the scars to prove it. We know what works, what does not and, perhaps most importantly, what will cause your site to be wholly unavailable if you take careless advice from unscrupulous SEO companies who prey upon ignorance.

The primary responsibility of our developers is to assist your ongoing or new software development goals. We produce custom ASP and scripted solutions for your online needs; e-commerce credit acceptance, secure downloads, query forms and email responders and more. If you need it, we will build it. We have more than a decade of experience in data design and retrieval. We will build your database or code to it for your mission critical business unit needs, your web site, or your web-aware applications.

Neo•Paradigms Design and Development Methods

Neo•Paradigms produces some of the cleanest written sites on the Internet and, we have been told, some of the more beautiful ones as well. Our web creations, if in no other work, truly reflect our philosophy that developing Form and Function can and should be approached as Art. We think that this should be self evident.

It is not enough, however, to merely construct an attractive web interface - although this is an important element. There are many intricate and interdependent elements that must be considered and handled. One of the most important details is cross browser compatibility. Each browser handles the parsing of web code a little differently. This very web site, for example, is completely XHTML and CSS compliant. You may verify this from the image links at the bottom of every page if you like. Compliance to the published standards does not, however, assure the developer that the page will appear and perform as written.

As an example, the masthead - top portion of the page that includes the global site menu - has been written to remain fixed in place when the page scrolls. If you are viewing this page in Netscape 7.x, Mozilla 1.x, Opera 7.x or Konquerer 3.7 you should see that this is true. If you are using IE (any version) or an earlier browser the position does not remain fixed but scrolls with the page. This is not an error in coding but rather a sample of how compliance with the standards is variable between browser applications.

Neo•Paradigms development practices and procedures are to code for the largest audience of viewers possible while maintaining the behavior and design requirements of our clients. This can be a tremendous challenge at times but our developers have the experience and the tools to overcome even the most difficult obstacles.

Flash Web Design

No self-respecting Web and Graphics company would fail to demonstrate proficiency in FLASH Web Design. Neo•Paradigms commonly builds FLASH enhancements for our client sites. If your web project would be best delivered in this popular multimedia format, Neo•Paradigms craft you a site that will not only conduct your business but provide your visitors with an unparalleled experience! Don't miss our FLASH demonstration web site.

In addition to developing Flash media content, Neo•Paradigms also performs content creation as an alternative to Flash. Although quite a remarkable tool, Flash presents a problem for delivery of web content - particularly to large corporate networks - due to bandwidth and even security concerns of diligent network administrators. Neo•Paradigms takes this into account when inserting Flash elements in our web designs and develops alternative solutions that range from dual site development, prompting for installation of the Flash browser plug-in or to seamlessly load the alternative without requiring Flash at all.

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