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There Is No Such Thing As "Guaranteed" Rankings

Be Cautious of Anyone Who Promises Otherwise!

The list of sneaky tricks and tips is virtually endless - as is the amount of advertising dollars that you will waste applying them. We have seen them all - and hard as it is to admit, we have fallen prey to them ourselves early on in our career - to the tune of about $23000.00 in click fraud. Bear in mind that there do exist honest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies on the Internet. We just have not found many where WE looked. Your mileage may vary.

How do I get favorable Rankings?

Your absolute best bet is to visit the top search engines; MSN, Google, Yahoo, etc. and read their submission requirements - we do, regularly. Then apply the advise - and definitely do not do any of the things they list that are grounds for disqualification.

The remainder is how your site is constructed. Neo•Paradigms takes meticulous care when publishing a set of web pages to ensure the proper form and content of META tags information, KeyWords, etc. Does this cost extra? Certainly not! If we are contracted to build a web presence we perform the task to the limits of our abilities, knowledge and talents. Every site we produce in it's entirety (or even as an individual page solution) will contain every required and recommended form to ensure that the page(s) is/are found on the internet.

Is that all there is to it?


While it is true that, over time and given sufficient content and traffic, your web site will eventually be easily located in a favorably ranked position on the search engine pages you will have to take steps to begin the flow of traffic - and experience a return on your investment relatively quickly.
Neo•Paradigms can assist you in mapping out an affordable strategy to get your site up and actively viewed in respectable rankings - first page if not first place. We can also assist you in multiple listed rankings. If you already have a site that you know for certain has been properly coded to perform but for some reason is not being found well on the search engine listings we can help you. Neo•Paradigms offers a wide range of consulting services that include SEO assistance.

Contact Neo•Paradigms to discuss building or re-coding your web site for optimum search engine listings.

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