ASP Development and Web Scripting

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Custom Web Scripting

The moment your website is required to actually perform a task with your online user you need a coded solution. HTML and its derived language partners DHTML, XHTML and XML define the nature of the page's presentation of information. Web scripting is required for everything else. Neo•Paradigms can provide you with individual page solutions or a fully developed dynamic, interactive website.

Common development tasks include:

  • E-Commerce / Online Shopping Carts
  • Credit Acceptance
  • Secure Login
  • Email Forms (Text or HTML)
  • On-The-Fly page creation
  • ADO / ODBC Data Access
  • Deny / Allow server access to
       Spiders and Email Sniffers
  • Ad / Banner Rotation
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Page Animation
  • Page Navigation Elements
  • Consumer Usage Tracking & Analysis
  • Content Management
  • Online Forums and Chat Engines

Neo•Paradigms Design and Development Services

Neo•Paradigms recognizes that one of the principle concerns of performing business online is security. Neo•Paradigms has, in recent years, performed an increased number of cipher (encryption) algorithms for clients. Neo•Paradigms will provide you with a proprietary cipher - Bit-Mask, CRC, DES, or RC4 compliant - and support executables. Neo•Paradigms has produced ciphers ranging in strength from 1024 bit (recommended as optimum level by the U.S. government) to 16384 bit (we do not recommend this level of encryption for web services as it puts a very heavy load on the host server).

Neo•Paradigms' development team has delivered solutions to common and even unique needs for more than a decade. We specialize in Active Server Pages (ASP) but would note that the task usually selects the scripting tool. Some tasks are best performed using server-side ASP, others are better handled in client-side JavaScript - or a combination of several language tools. The intimate coding details are beyond the scope of this discussion but allow us to demonstrate:

The pages you are currently viewing all share a common navigation bar and are grouped by page image. The elements are coded in XHTML and CSS. Use of an external resource file ensures that the resources, in this case the images, conserve bandwidth use. The submenu drop and clear functions are all handled by an external javascript file. Not only that but each page visited is logged to a file for our records so we can track our visitors progress and make statistical evaluations on the effectiveness of our pages individually and for our site as a whole.

We believe that if you are looking for a coding solution you should not have to wonder if the authors of the site you visit actually know what they are talking about. This site has been developed with that in mind. You may see even more samples at our online portfolio.

Contact Neo•Paradigms to discuss how we can fulfill your custom web scripting needs.

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