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Flash Designs Get Noticed

When it comes to full multimedia, interactive animation and customer awe very little approaches the power of Macromedia's Flash! Many of our web projects contain a small amount of Flash accents. A little goes a long way.

Flash is, without doubt, well named. But do not mistake 'Flash' to mean no substance. A well designed and professionally developed Flash web site can be a solid performer in the business arena. It provides for external data access, interaction with customers - including email, shopping carts and credit acceptance. The newer MX capabilities also provide message hooks into the .NET framework and ActionScript 2.0 is more robust than ever before.

There is, however, a downside. All the glitz and media rich presentation implied by a Flash site can (but does not HAVE to) lead to a slower performance. It requires very careful manipulation of resources to build a competent Flash web site. ...But it is well worth the extra effort and design considerations!

Another consideration to take into account is that there are a great many businesses that do not allow the installation of Flash's browser plug-in as policy. This is due largely to the bandwidth strain that poor design can cause. It is also true that some administrators are cautious about the possibility of maliscious code embedded within this powerful design medium.

If the above considerations do not apply to you then Neo•Paradigms can only enthusiastically suggest you consider the benefits that Flash can provide your enterprise!

If you would like to view our Flash Demonstration web site please follow the link below. This demonstration requires Flash version 6.04 or higher. If you do not have the correct version or would like to install the current, updated Flash Plug-In to your browser you can obtain the latest version HERE (This link will open in a new window, for your convenience)

View Our FLASH Demo Web Site

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