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Access Your Data Online

Do you need to gather or share information online? Neo•Paradigms is the right choice the make for your data access requirements. We have nearly 20 years of experience with data definition and data manipulation technologies. Select from ORACLE, SQL Server, MS Access and many popular database formats - or combination. Our database developers are experts in the field and will work with our web developers to ensure your web site is both data-aware and secure.

Neo•Paradigms employs ADO / ODBC methods to provide a smooth, proven code base for your data transactions to take place. We use the industry's best practices and procedures including Transactions & Rollbacks, Connection Pooling, Deletion Buffering and more all performed securely at the server.

Data Aware = Business Ready

Adding data access to your web site improves your visitor's experience and improves the functionality of your online presence. Data aware web pages can:

  • Track your consumers' online activity and identify where your customers spend their time on your site - and where they leave it
  • Provide independent verification of Click-Thru navigation to/from your affiliates
  • Create and maintain secure accounts online
  • Store and serve sensitive or proprietary documents
  • Connect to your technology and business partners' remote data servers to provide mission-critical reporting and functions for collaboration
  • Store, serve, track, update and expire advertisements for your own and your affiliates products and services
  • Provide your web site administrator with full control how and when information is conveyed online.

Neo•Paradigms will provide you an online relation data business solution secured with a proprietary encryption method to store and retrieve sensitive data - we recommend this when storing customer personal and credit data online.

Complete, secure real-time administrative access

In addition to designing and implimenting your database, Neo•Paradigms can provide your web site with secure administrative support for your data. By employing SSL and secure server scripting you will have complete control over your records; edit, add, delete and reporting. You will be able to make changes to you database in real-time without risking loss or corruption of data.

Neo•Paradigms can also integrate your online Internet database with your existing Intranet and existing middleware. Our developers are experienced in COM and DCOM technologies. We will work with your IT department to build a secure, seamless solution.

Contact Neo•Paradigms to discuss how data-aware web pages can improve your bottom line.

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