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A website should attract income, not consume it.

Neo•Paradigms has experience coding to a host of merchant e-solutions providers. Whether you have selected VeriSign, Pay-Pal or any of the other reputable commerce partners we will have you up and performing cash and credit acceptance quickly.

It should be a simple thing for business to be conducted between you and your customer but often it is not. The software development kits provided by the agencies established to safeguard internet commerce are written, as you may already have discovered, for Developers not merchants.

E-commerce solutions have been established for virtually all forms of business:
  • Single point of Sale Purchasing
  • Multiple Purchases (Shopping Carts)
  • Recurrent billing processes (service contracts, etc)

Neo•Paradigms provide you with the e-commerce solution you need to securely conduct business with your internet clients. Our experience in web scripting and web design will ensure a fully integrated, verified, branded and co-branded solution. Some of the common features requested are:
  • Pre-qualification before transaction
  • Email confirmation of transaction, with transaction tracking codes
  • Integrated secure downloading
  • Automated shipping and confirmation
  • Transaction and fulfillment reporting
  • Customer data entry
  • Automated post sales follow-up / Customer satisfaction survey
  • Non-expiring customer accounts

Contact Neo•Paradigms to discuss how we can simplify your e-commerce needs.

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