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Template Tuning Services

Template Tuning provides you with professional design based on website templates from Neo•Paradigms and any of the world's leading template vendors. In today's Internet market you have a clear and cost effective alternative to spending thousands of dollars hiring web designers to create original web designs. Most companies and individuals cannot spend the time and energy studying design and trying to customize website templates let alone afford the software and tools used to perform the tasks.


The Template Tuning process consists of 5 easy steps:

1. Choose a desired web template from over 5,000 items
2. Fill in a short registration form;
3. Chat with project manager and get a quote;
4. Make your payment through 2Checkout merchant system;
5. Monitor tuning process using your personal production interface.

Get what you really desire

Share your vision with us - our designers will bring it to life!. Our designers will take the existing design that you have purchased and work it into what you originally envisioned when you purchased your template. If you cannot find a suitable template or design our development team will create your custom template for your use - exclusive ownership is available.

Why To Choose Template Tuning Services:

Low price - charges are lower than prices of custom web design projects. Unlike conventional design projects, our web designers don't start from scratch - saving as much as 80 hours of development costs. We build on pre-made website templates. That's why Template Tuning is fast and inexpensive. Best Quality - using templates from NeoParadigms and the world's finest designers, our professional staff of developers and artists guarantee only the finest quality for the end result.
Fast - Template Tuning is much faster than creating a completely new website at web design studios. A complete custom web project can and usually does involve more than 140 hours of development time - and cost. Most tuning processes take less than 24 hours. Great Support - Same day email response, live IM chat support, installation support and even online code edits if necessary. The job does Not end with payment. The job is completed when you are satisfied.
Wide Range of Services - you'll get the best web design, flash design, web programming, and hosting services. Preview Before Payment - we use your pre-made templates and upload to a private test server so you can preview the appearance and behavior of your future website before you pay for it.
Typical Tuning Conversions and Pricing [See our page top links for more complete listings]
5 page website: all text and menu customization
5 pages website: all images, text and menu customization
5 page website with Flash header: all images, text, menu and Flash customizations
5 pages website with Level One scripts: all images, text, menu and site scripting customization.
Ask Us About Our Specials!
5 page website with pre-made Logo: all images, text, menu and logo customization $350
E-Commerce system add-on - Secure payment and credit acceptance utilizing your VeriSign, Thawte, PayPal or other recognized merchant services. Single purchase, Shopping Cart and Recurrent Billing.

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