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Not just cookie-cutter templates

In keeping with current industry and consumer trends, Neo•Paradigms now offers Web Templates as well as full development services. Our templates are designed and developed to the very same standards as our full service custom projects. The difference is that our templates will require you to fill in the content - text, images and media.

Custom Templates?

No, that is not an oxymoron. It is a statement of options to the consumer. In addition to pre-made templates, you can also pick the elements you would like for your site; the type of menu, generalized layout (number of visual columns, etc.), special elements (scrollers, sidebar elements and sub menus, etc.) and theme or business type and we will put together a customized template for your use.

Ease of use & editablility

We design templates with you, the end user, in mind. Chances are quite good that you do not have experience writing HTML and JavaScript. We write out template pages to be read and edited by non-technical users using simple text editors like notepad (although we recommend text editors with contextual highlighting capability like TextPad). The elements that are best left unedited are clearly marked and even in files listed to be left unedited.

All Neo•Paradigms templates come with full and detailed instructions for editing. For those elements that require end user recoding we also include examples to help ensure that you get it right the first time. Of course, if you have any trouble we provide free email support and even Instant Messaging during our business hours (Pacific Time).

Neo•Paradigms Template Tuning Services

A great many beautiful web sites have been designed as Photoshop documents. Many of our own designs begin this way. Unfortunately, many designers are not development friendly and, as a result, neither are their 'templates.' A PSD document is NOT a web site. It cannot be viewed in a browser. It has no intelligence built into it. Neo•Paradigms has been presented with numerous requests to take purchased 'Templates' and turn them into useable form - the process is called "Tuning."

We Tune PSD documents into web pages so that you can actually use them as they were intended. Additionally, templates often come in a fixed size format that is imparactical to your needs. We can help. One of the most comon omissions in business class Flash Templates is the inclusion of a non-flash version of the Flash headers, menu or logo. We can Help!

In short, if you have purchased the perfect appearing template but cannot use it... We Can Help!

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