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Complete Customization Listing / Complete Price Listing
Neo•Paradigms Modifications
Level One Mods Details Price [USD]
Traffic Counter Visible or non-visible page traffic counter by unique visitor, optionally track number of page hits per visitor $40
Date and Time Do you want to display current date or time on your site? A full calendar, maybe? $25
Organizer Manage your events, appointments, etc. with our advanced online organizer $75
Contact Form (Perl) Receive feedback, order information, etc. to your e-mail from visitors of your website $50
Contact Form (ASP) Receive feedback, order information, etc. to your e-mail from visitors of your website $75
Google Search Integrate the power of Google search engine into your website - options to report child safe return pages and more. $60
Error Handling Replace server error pages (e.g. "404 File Not Found", etc.) with pages made from your template. $35
Guestbook Allow your visitors to leave their comments about your site for you and other visitors $70
Web Search Allow people to find useful information from your site. Let your users continue browsing from your site to Google, Yahoo, Lycos, DogPile, MSN and other high ranking search engines. $45 (ea.)
User Authentication and Management Create a restricted area for your registered users only with Username/Password challenge. $90
Sitemap Useful for both visitors and for search engine traffic. $120
Site Recommendation Place "Tell a Friend" script to your site to increase your traffic $50
Poll (Voting) Create an online poll, with option to view voting archives $75
FAQ Supply your visitors with the answers for the most frequently asked questions $120
Domain Search Allow your users to check domain name availability right from your site. $90
Level Two Mods Details Price [USD]
Traffic Report Know who is visiting your site, how often, pages viewed, etc. Know when Google and other spiders run your site. Generate virtually any statistical analysis you like with this Excel compatible tool. $140
Webmail with File attachments Suitable for customer trouble tickets, resume submissions or any situation where it would be preferable to receive a file, image or archive from your web customer directly. $115
Knowledgebase Answer your customers questions once. Put your articles in different categories for your visitors to examine and search for solutions before they seek less convenient methods. $195
Tests and Quizzes Create online tests and quizzes to make your site more entertaining $270
Mailing List Manager Want to send newsletters to you visitors. Allow them to subscribe to multiple mailing lists at one time to keep up-to-date with your newest information and products. $120
Chat Script Let people meet each other and communicate via web based chat script - or contact you when you are online for your customers. $190
Premium Mods Details Price [USD]
Advertisement Management Add, display and manage your advertisements, banners and click-thru hits. $350
Discussion Board (Forum) Put a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable bulletin board into your site $150*
E-Commerce Put your products on sale via Internet. Manage your items, shipping and orders online with our powerful shopping cart system $480
Site and File Manager Use an Exploerer style interface to perform file management (upload, download), view, edit (while online), delete and archive. No FTP required. Secure and Pawerful. $345
Image Gallery and Manipulations Create an online image gallery with automatic thumbnail generation and many other useful features - also available as stand-alone executable for offline use. $250
  * Price listed reflects installation and integration of third party, Open Source, product.  
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