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Out with old, in with the new   - Safely!

Neo•Paradigms aggressively pursues new technologies to provide innovative, complete solutions that consistently meet. and exceed, our clients expectations. When the time comes to install a solution it is just as important to insure that existing systems continue to operate alongside and compatibly with the new software. Neo•Paradigms lays the foundation for this requirement to be met during the original project specification phase. Development and quality control continue to enforce the need for compatibility at each release point. Our install team completes this goal upon delivery and our support team continues our commitment over the life of the solution.

Neo•Paradigms is a technology solution provider that has provided complete software development, web development, and consulting services to large and small businesses throughout the United States since 1992. Our core focus is offering solutions through effective use of new and existing technology. Neo•Paradigms is also sensitive to the often considerable investment that legacy systems represent to our clients and has worked to translate the data and methods of outdated systems into our clients' newer, more efficient and sustainable IT upgrades. A partial listing of our services includes:

State-of-the-art Internet design and development
Update your Internet and Intranet to take advantage of the wealth of features offered by todays web applications and technologies.
Custom application development
Replace outdated mission-critical software or migrate your existing code base to a new platform
Hosting and storage solutions
Impliment a secure storage system or offload your common software to a state-fo-the-art Application Service Provider [see below]
Customization of and integration with existing software applications
Update your code base to provide seamless integration and more robust functionality
Database design and manipulation
Migrate your enterprise data to more efficient and secure modern data stores without loss or downtime.
Networking solutions
Communicate and share data and resources throughout your enterprise. Impliment secure policy procedures to protect your network, your data and your clients
Technical consulting services
Get professional assistance in providing recovery and disaster planning, project management, short and long term contracted labor, systems and code analysis. Get the right answers you require to meet your business goals
Integration of wireless communications
Expand your enterprise network to include permitting your engineers to take their desktop to planning meetings. Augment your intranet to include WML (wireless markup language) resources. Secure your laptops, PDAs and all wireless devices to prevent bandwidth theft and wireless espionage.
Application Service Provider (ASP) solutions

Subscribe to or rent applications hosted on hardware provided by a provider. Reliability, security, and other sophisticated advanced features like managed hardware and network monitoring make hosted applications the ideal solution for any number of platforms and networked applications.

An ASP will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Focus on core competencies and strategic objectives
  • Minimize total cost of ownership
  • Lower post-implementation management costs
  • Predictability of cash flow
  • Improve efficiency of internal IT staff
  • Proven tested solution
  • Quicker return on investment
  • Reduced implementation time
  • Less customization/lower consulting fees
  • Access to the best applications
  • Reduces initial software license fees
Training and apprenticeship programs
Education and training is a necessary element whenever a new tool is introduced into your working environment. Get the training your employees need to be competent and confident in their use of your new investment. We offer on-site hands-on training as well as e-Learning training and update regimens with managerial scoring and feedback notification.
Services for "development stage" companies
Startups and pre-IPO companies need to get their infrastructure designed, developed and implimented quickly, efficiently and without unnecessary expenditure. We have the resources you need and the experience implimenting them you require.
Business to Business Services We specialize in B2B high end telecommunications services; T1 to OC-48 and more. Consolidate your enterprise local, long distance data and VoIP and save long term profits by investing in your infrastructure today.

Neo•Paradigms maintains an extensive infrastructure in order to support the full spectrum needs of its clients. We have a network of programmers, developers and designers, both in-house and out, upon whom we can rely in order to ensure our ability to provide complete technology solutions.

We work with a client's existing infrastructure and support mechanisms, coordinating our efforts to insure that our products or services are tightly integrated with a client's existing operation. We discourage "reinventing the wheel" and minimize deployment time and cost by integrating existing technologies into our development scheme where appropriate. We believe in strict accountability. We provide updates and progress reports at predetermined intervals, and make ourselves available to ensure that our clients know their project status.

Neo•Paradigms measures its success by the success of its clients and by the level of satisfaction that our clients achieve through our efforts. Our relationship with our clients never truly ends. We are in business to serve our clients today and in the future.

Contact us today for information about how Neo•Paradigms can serve your business goals or to request a quote.


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