Custom Project Management Services

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Project Management

Neo•Paradigms offers a full set of project management services to our clients. Whether completing a fixed price project, auditing and recovering a project in difficulty, consulting with a client's project management staff, or setting up and operating a project (program) management office, Neo•Paradigms has the structure, knowledge, and experience to get the job done.

Neo•Paradigms' Project Management Staff and Our Approach

Neo•Paradigms' capabilities in the area of project management are derived from several critical factors.

First, they exist by virtue of the individuals now on our staff, all of whom have extensive project management experience. Neo•Paradigms' project management staff have worked on projects small local companies to the top of the Fortune 50 List and the US Government.

Second, the company has put in place a formal project management approach and methodology, as well as written operational processes and a company commitment to use them. Our approach is a preventative one that seeks to identify and mitigate the risks associated with any project. Neo•Paradigms' choice for a project management methodology contains a very thorough and effective set of steps that help to ensure the successful conclusion of any Information Technology (IT) project.

Finally, a critical tool and extension of Neo•Paradigms' project management methodology is the company's approach to administrating and documenting a project effort. The company has put together a formal documentation approach, a complete set of documentation templates, and full instructions for their usage to ensure consistent, thorough, and effective information is collected for its project efforts.

Time and Material or Fixed Price Project Management Services

Besides Time & Material and Fixed Price Project Management engagements, Neo•Paradigms now offers the following services.

  • Project Audit
  • Project Recovery
  • Knowledge Transfer Capability
  • Project (Program) Management Office Capability

Project Audit

Neo•Paradigms makes available the knowledge and experience of its project management staff to customers for purposes of reviewing, evaluating, and developing an opinion on the state of the customer's internal project activities. Because each customer and project is unique, these are specialized consulting engagements.

Project Recovery

Project recovery is defined as the activity of taking over management of a project already known to be in trouble, and driving that project to successful completion – attaining all or a sufficient number of the objectives the customer had for it. Project recovery does not constitute normal day-to-day project activities or skill levels, and takes experienced, highly skilled, and proficient personnel to accomplish these efforts. As another service to its customers, Neo•Paradigms offers personnel with the required experience to accomplish this extreme project management activity.

Knowledge Transfer Capability

The formal nature of project management at Neo•Paradigms provides us the ability to quickly and effectively transfer and implement our project management approach and structure into third party Information Technology activities. We can also specify either a curriculum to cover important background skills or recruiting guidelines for effective acquisition of already experienced personnel.

Project (Program) Management Office Capability

Utilizing Neo•Paradigms' overall project management approach and tools, we are able to effectively extend our methodology to set up the structure, policies, and procedures necessary to create a supervising IT project (program) management office. If the customer requires it, Neo•Paradigms can also staff and operate this activity.

Let Neo•Paradigms Help You with All Your Project Management Needs

IT project management is a complex, team effort. At Neo•Paradigms, we make sure that the team includes all the participants required to make the project successful. Our preventive-based approach, straightforward methodology, and effective tools and procedures assure that all project participants understand the project and have both the overall and the day-to-day information they need to efficiently, effectively, and successfully carry out their roles in it. Finally, we believe that the discipline, proficiency, and diligence of our staff are requirements to work effectively in an IT project environment.

Contact Neo•Paradigms for quality assistance in successfully completing your project or you may request a quote.

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