E-Learning Workforce Training

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Online & Computer Based Training

(Cost) Effective Education!
One of the more formidable challenges facing business is the need to maintain a workforce that is well informed and competently trained to meet change in the industry standards, innovations, updates / expirations, and those changes local to your own enterprise. Computer based Training, online or e-Learning solutions, are a powerful solution to investigate.

Consider the costs of a traditional educational seminar; the instructor, the location, any courtesy provisions, cleaning, etc. Consider also the actual effectiveness of these seminars. How do you know the material has taken hold in any of the participants? Do you provide on site testing (for additional cost)? How many employees can you afford to have out of your actual workforce during training? What about re-training and cross-training efforts?

Neo•Paradigms designs computer based training modules that are interactive, intelligent, penetrating and effective. Our designs are also capable of being attractive, and even humorous where appropriate. We know that learning can and should be fun as well as educational.

Instant Feedback
The student and your human resources team can receive full reporting on the progress and effectiveness of your training process. For the student this commonly comes on a per concept basis through a short pre-test before going on to the next concept as well as a full knowledge test at the close of the training module.

Your human resources team can receive individual and team level reporting on scoring, identification of modules that prove to be more difficult than others - usually an indicator that the presentation of the material needs to be better developed, and percent of workforce participation and completion (participants commonly login to a training forum from which administrative reporting is derived).

Up to date training is the key to maintaining a competitive workforce.

Contact Neo•Paradigms to discuss how we can keep your team at the crest of the learning curve.

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