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CD & DVD Media Disc Authoring

So there you are... You've created the absolute beat all and end all of multimedia presentation for your forthcoming product line - or we built it for you! All you need do is burn it to a master disc, replicate it and send it out, right?

You probably already know the answer to this question; No. VCD and DVD mastering is much more than just converting your media to the appropriate file format. Sure, you can clean, format, palette adjust and otherwise tinker with your production files - assuming you know something about non-linear editing and audio synching and all the post-production tools and titling but when you set about mastering your project you are still at least one very important ingredient away from completion: the user interface and navigation menu(s).

Neo•Paradigms will build your media disc presentation environment for you and deliver a master disc for your replication purposes. We use Flash as the logical tool for interactive presentation menu creation. Of course, Neo•Paradigms is the logical choice to produce the entire project as well!


Neo•Paradigms uses industry standard real-time hardware encoding to produce broadcast quality MPEG-2 video from your master source. This produces high quality at low bit-rates allowing you to fit more content on each disc. The multiple pass hardware encoding insures the highest quality end result.

Our encoder processes any mode of Dolby Digital™ Audio. We hear the results in real-time through our Dolby DP562 Decoder. We determine the best settings to create an encoded file that is faithful to the original source.


Top-of-the-line Adobe Encore DVD is used to create all DVDs authored at Neo•Paradigms. The unique workflow of Encore DVD allows us to craft each DVD in a fraction of the time it would take on other systems. This third generation authoring software is in use at major Hollywood studios.

Menu Design

We design menus that are nice to look at and easy to use. Having produced several hundred titles, we understand how to create useful and intuitive navigation. Using existing artwork and the content itself, we create a cohesive package that reflects the source material and when appropriate, reinforces the brand. We use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Flash and Lightwave 3D to create eye-popping menus that are easy to interpret.

Sound Design

The founder of Neo•Paradigms has an experienced ear for sound mastering. A former Radio Broadcaster and musician (in his wayward youth, of course!) he has retained an innate ear for errors and a temperamental intolerance for poor sound quality. Bring us your sound and audio challenges: we have the tools to make your sound seamless, clean, and natural.

We design custom music for corporate and special interest clients. Using Sonic Foundry’s Acid 4 and an impressive library of clips, loops and original material from contracted Midi artists, we create a unique sound bed for menus and intros, in stereo or 5.1 surround sound. We can also take existing stereo audio and remix it into an exciting 5.1. mix.

Video Editing & Post-Production Effects

We offer uncompressed real-time video editing, titling and compositing effects. We use Adobe Premiere and After Effects to finalize and master our projects. The results are uncompromising and a testament to why Adobe is the industry leader in graphics software. The uncompressed video is output digitally in real-time to the hardware encoder. This saves significant time without affecting quality.

DVD Consulting

Would you like to create a DVD project yourself? California DVD offers consulting to those who have an interest in doing the work in-house but lack the over-all skills or experience to complete the project.

Contact Neo•Paradigms to discuss all your media presentation needs.

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