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Branding Media & Identities

One of the most valuable - and obvious - assets an organization has is its Identity ...its Branding image or symbol. Quick examples of this are the Coca-Cola lettering, the Honda 'H,' etc. Think of any major organization you like and you will probably visualize their Icon or Emblem almost immediately. Branding is an invaluable business asset.

Neo•Paradigms' design team produces designs that capture the eye and stay in the mind. Neo•Paradigms designs your company identity to stand out amid the sea of competition so that your customers do not have to scrutinize the field to find your products - and more importantly, so that your customer's eye does not fall favorably upon a competitor instead! Neo•Paradigms' designs steal the eyes of the customer from your competitor. We won't be making you any friends in the marketplace ...just customers.

The value of this resource is only slightly greater than the difficulty in arriving at a decision for what it should be. Neo•Paradigms understands this quite well. We can assist you in creating your Business Identity, or in giving your present Identity a facelift.

Once you have your Business Identity you will likely want to have all of your sales and promotional tools similarly Branded as well as all of your internal and public communiques. Neo•Paradigms is ready to assist you in these tasks as well. We will provide you with your very own Logo and Letterhead for all of your communications, Custom Full Color graphics for your Labeling needs, Custom Document Templates to use in all of your office software products (as well as custom development to perform repetitive and important tasks - see 'Automation').

More than just business cards
Business graphics solutions also covers your brochures, charts and graphs, reports, product shipping labels, mailers, Yellow Page designs, in-store promotions, banners and free standing displays. Neo•Paradigms will produce a solution that is attractive, informational and effective!

Contact Neo•Paradigms to discuss how we can fulfill your Branding and business graphics needs.

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