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Make a Powerful Statement

Neo•Paradigms will help you make your statement, present your product, advertise your service, educate your workforce and more! Delivery your presentation in the boardroom, over your network, on media disc, via kiosk or by conventional mail.

On-going training
Probably one of the more effective uses of presentation media is demonstrated in online learning modules. Computer Based Training served over your company intranet can reduce the cost of training your workforce while ensuring a uniform level of competency. Team Neo•Paradigms learning modules will present the material, track progress of understanding the material (including mini-tests) and provide an exam upon completion of the course. Your human resources team can be provided confirmation of progress, completion and scoring data. Online training is a cost-effective method of enterprise-wide training.

Disc Media Presentations
Team Neo•Paradigms will build an interface to your disc media project in FLASH, HTML or using conventional development. Your finished project will autoplay upon load, install and register any components specific to your presentation and open to the presentation. Team Neo•Paradigms will, of course, assist you creation of your presentation in it's entirety. Choose from a Powerpoint or 'Flip-Book,' animation, web interface, even interactive virtual environment!

Business Graphics
Team Neo•Paradigms creates business identities (logo, letterhead, iconic). We also commonly produce attractive and informative charts, banners, report jackets - even greeting cards! All graphics are delivered in print-ready resolution, color mastering and file format.

Marketing Media
Team Neo•Paradigms will assist your marketing goals providing your team the tools necessary to put your products and services into your customers eye, mind and hands. Team Neo•Paradigms produces everything from the humble (or not so humble) business card to exposition banners and table drapes. Our designs are created with your business and your customers in mind.

Custom Documents
Despite the growth of the 'Paperless Office' concept, the fact still remains that business and paperwork are inseparable. Team Neo•Paradigms provides fully developed 'smart' templates for your office automation needs. Team Neo•Paradigms will also design and format your office tools to please the eye and display your well deserved pride. Even the lowly inter-office memo will carry your logo, motto and esteem throughout your organization.

Contact Neo•Paradigms to learn more.

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