Product Design & Feasibility Testing

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Reality Modeling & Verification

Neo•Paradigms can provide you with reality and verification modeling for your product design based on gravity, velocity, turbulence, viscosity and other naturally occurring or imposed environmental conditions.

Reality modeling can assist your design and engineering teams in identifying critical design failures at the whiteboard stage of development - long before the first part is manufactured - potentially saving your company thousands, even millions of dollars in production and implementation costs.

Neo•Paradigms Mechanical Design Team has been derived from many fields; journeymen machinists, mechanical drafting, even field biologists. Each member brings to bear his or her specific sphere of expertise to the task to ensure the reliability of the data derived from our active models.

Team Neo•Paradigms will construct a true and faithful model of your design to the exact specifications that you provide, obtain verification from your engineers as to the authenticity of the model and then proceed to perform / build the variable test settings you require.

Reality modeling is not an animation, a game, or a pretty picture. It is a simulation performed to an exacting set of standards of precision and accuracy and Neo•Paradigms takes it very seriously. Each project we undertake is conducted according to the standards and practices of a comparable lab environment. All findings will be reported in a fully abstracted lab and returned with all raw data and derivation calculations as attachments.

Acceptable Projects
Neo•Paradigms accepts projects that involve physics and physical chemistry only. We do NOT undertake projects that involve medical devices or organic systems. These fall outside of our area of expertise and it would be unethical for us to portray our skills as competent in fields of this nature. Neo•Paradigms makes no exceptions to this limitation.

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