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Product Design & Marketing Tools

Neo•Paradigms will make your idea, concept or research project a fully detailed, fleshed out, photo quality reality. We have worked with as little as a cocktail napkin sketch faxed to our offices to produce substance from blue sky. Conceptual product research and feasibility testing are prove means to reduce risk and avoid error early in the product development life cycle.

The best idea ever is useless if you cannot convey it fully
All of the indispensable products we use in our lives, including those items that we take for granted due to their prevalence, began as an unformed idea. To fully develop a fledgling product often requires a substantial investment of capital. Most financiers, even those with foresight and vision, are far more likely to understand collateral, interest and ROI far better than the project you are working to bring to market.

Neo•Paradigms will provide your project with graphical answers to the questions of What is it? How does it work? Who will use it? Neo•Paradigms can also help you avoid costly mistakes of design by providing reality modeling and design verification for your project prior to the cost of prototyping.

We understand the obstacles that face a new idea in the free marketplace. We have experience in the background information gathering, testing and verification, patent preparation documents and more. Each of the hurdles you will face WE have faced for not only clients but also for ourselves through interest we hold in a new product recently sold to manufacturing group.

You have a bold new concept, a picture of what you wnat in mind, a new perspective, a creative look into the future and a wealth of questions that need to be answered. A detailed map of the terrain ahead would be just the thing to make it all happen. Unfortunately an entrpreneur has no such device. You are mapping new ground and must have the tools to assist the agents of your future (bankers, investor, manufacturers, etc.) to see what you see. You need a Conceptual Design Service!

Some of the solutions you will require for success

Scenario Solution
You have to sell your investors (or Board of Directors) on a new product concept, but you know they won't grasp it unless they can see it. Screen mockups, conceptual diagrams, a "slideshow" prototype. For greater impact, consider using animation or a VR web solution.
You plan to develop a new family of products (or overhaul an existing one). You need to define the look and feel in a way that can be replicated by your development staff. Iterative design leading to: custom user interface standards and guidelines, how-to recipes, examples that can be copied, training as needed.
Your company has just committed to the development of a new product. The annual meeting of your international sales force is coming up and you need to get them excited about what they'll be selling next year. Screen mockups, a "slideshow" prototype. For greater impact, consider using animation or a VR web solution.
You are faced with the prospect of porting your product to the Web (or Windows, or Mac OS). You need a preview of the transformation: what might it look like, what are the sticky issues, what are the opportunities for improvement, what will be the impact on your developers, testers, users? Trial designs, Issues and Opportunities Audit. Useability trials.
You want to add a major new capability to your product and you have a general idea of what's involved, but you don't have an in-depth understanding of the features, functions, and consideration needed to do it right. Subject Overview or White Paper, Comprehensive Capabilities Report.
You feel like your products are stuck in a rut. You need a new perspective to break free. Design mockups, "what if..." sessions with your staff.

One thing is universally true in product design and development: It is far less expensive to discover design flaws at concept than in production.
Even small errors can translate into financial catastrophe. Neo.Paradigms specializes in 3D mechanical design and CGI testing methodologies. Our lead designer is a 14 year veteran machinist with skills in mechanical drafting, machine G code development and more. Neo.Paradigms will provide you the tools to succeed and the knowledge required to avoid costly errors.

The above examples are all drawn from the real-life experiences that have solved these and many other problems for others. Certainly we can do so for you!

Contact Neo.Paradigms to discuss how we can bring your project closer to market.

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