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If a picture is worth a thousand words then animation surely speaks volumes! Neo•Paradigms has been putting animation to work for business for more than a decade. Our solutions have been used in advertising, presentations, research and development, sales kiosks and more. Think about how animation can improve your project.

Common uses for animation include

  • Product demonstrations on the Internet, Media Disc mailers, Kiosks
  • Accents to existing or new web projects
  • Broadcast Advertising
  • Full motion Video sequences for video games
  • Titling effects
  • Online presentations and learning modules
Animation is not just for Hollywood and Saturday morning cartoons. It is an effective business tool used to convey your information and message to your target market.

Animation is expensive, isn't it?

It can be very, very expensive depending upon the nature of the project, it's level of complexity, length, resource consumption, etc. However, it is not a requirement. Animation media takes many forms including Video, FLASH and animated GIF images. Generally, only video tends to involve higher costs but this is balanced, of course, by the use of the end product which can be instrumental in providing a tremendous return on the investment.

FLASH animation projects are becoming prevalent in marketing media. They are exportable to many formats, including film and NTSC / PAL video. You can see this form of animation used to profitable effect on the Internet, in the Gaming industry, mass marketing campaigns and more.

Animation gets results
Whatever medium you employ, animation will get the notice of your customers. Animation is a full palette of visual and audio pigments displaying your products and your business in the most stimulating manner available. In many ways animation can surpass a formal presentation because it will always present your information in a consistent manner. Animation never gets off the subject - animation stays on the target: your customer.

Contact Neo•Paradigms to discuss how animation can work for your project.

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