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3D Design

In 1994, when we were known as CyberSoft Data Solutions, our senior developer revealed that he was interested in using his skills as a 3D modeler and add 3D graphics to our commercial venue. It sounded crazy but when you are a small company you go with crazy from time to time. We turned our sales force loose on it and then rest is history.

Neo•Paradigms specializes in business use graphics. Nearly everything we produce, however, begins in the 3D environment. When we produce images of our clients' products they are constructed in 3D and rendered in full photo-realistic, high resolution proofs that we then re-master in post process to produce the final product. This methodology allows us to precisely control the color, lighting, composition and even camera angle and focal range to produce the desired mood and intensity of the final product.

Neo•Paradigms' 3D images are, we feel, superior to actual photo images due to the level of control available through the medium. We design and implement three-dimensional solutions for presentations, displays, web applications and motion-picture content.

3D is not limited to product imagery alone. Consider using it for your logo, your branding and identity, even your document letterhead. Any use you might put a 2D or even a scan line image to can be updated and strengthened through the artifices of 3D. Our own logo, for example, was created this way.

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