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Multimedia & Graphics

Business Identities & Graphics, Web Design, Multimedia, 3D, Graphics, Reality Modeling - all have a place in business media. Very early in our career, Neo•Paradigms established a solid foothold in the marketplace as a production graphics studio. At the time it seemed an odd movement for an independent software development firm to make. Today we are unique to the market because of this 'odd movement.' Neo•Paradigms has achieved a synthesis of art and precision that exceeds discipline into the realm of science. ...but closest to the core, it is always the Art that we return to.

Neo•Paradigms will design and deliver your media solution in production ready format;

  • FLA file
  • Web compatible video (MPeG, DivX, AVI, MOV)
  • Streaming video (ASX, RAM, QT)
  • VCD/DVD format (VOB, etc)
  • VHS formatted (NTSC / PAL) video
  • Print image file up to 3000 dpi
  • Interactive Web 3D (VRML, QTVR, VET, etc.)
  • CAD formatted (DWG, OBJ, LWO.)
  • more...

If you provide us with the specification we will deliver to a proprietary format of your choosing.

Neo•Paradigms also creates more traditional business graphics; Logos, letterheads, marketing media, etc. Be sure to visit our Graphic Design page and Presentations section for more information.

Neo•Paradigms' design team will produce a media tool for your project from a design specification, drawing, storyboard, oral description, even a faxed cocktail napkin (don't laugh, it has happened!). The finished product is yours to use in whatever manner you deem proper. Neo•Paradigms will also release all interest and authorship to the end product, relinquishing all sources and legal rights where relevant - empowering you to sign your name to the work - if you so choose.

Team Neo•Paradigms specializes in the following:

Neo•Paradigms no longer maintains its graphics sample gallery and free downloads pages within our main site. They are still available for viewing, however, in our media-rich archived site. You are encouraged to view our past offering and explore its beauty. Note that the site is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1280 * 1024. You may use the "Archive" link at the top of the page or directly enter the media samples page here.

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