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Custom Development: Off-The-Shelf reliability

Neo•Paradigms software engineers have been providing solutions for business computing needs since the late 1980's. Our project development teams provide full and complete solutions - meeting and exceeding our client's expectation. Our focus is in the development of a solution that meets your business goals today and in the future. We understand and are sensitive to the risk business owners and IT professionals take when outsourcing software development tasks. It is very easy to find your enterprise painted into a corner due to inherent limitations of a critical piece of software.

Neo•Paradigms is a bit different. We take personal responsibility for providing you the correct solution to your needs. We understand that you know your business far better than you may know the technical terminology of a specification for a solution. Our task is to understand your need and how our solution is to serve your business goals. We make no assumptions from the very beginning. Our needs assessment methods are both extensive and proven. We will not write a line of code until we are certain - and you are certain as well - that the solution we will develop is robust, feature rich and, most importantly, extensible beyond the current standards.

Task specific contract development

Analysis & Design
If a software development solution is not yet clearly specified, Neo•Paradigms can analyze user requirements to identify, prioritize, and document the purposes and objectives the software is intended to serve; when these have been established we will derive a functional specification which describes completely what the software will do including user interfaces, file structures, communications interfaces, reports, and support functions. This specification forms the basis for both the subsequent design of the software and its acceptance test; the design phase then determines how the software will work to provide the functions in the specification; we carry the design through to a level of detail which provides all the information needed for implementation to begin. We use widely accepted design methodologies and produce specification and design documents to a variety of formal standards.

Neo•Paradigms will assist your new or ongoing development goals. Our team can provide stop-gap development in the following areas:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Implementation of changes to your existing software
  • Design and Development of new software features
  • Optimization and Maintenance
  • Research and Development of New Features
  • Unit testing and debugging of your code

Neo•Paradigms speaks many languages

Our development credits cover many of the most popular languages and development platforms. Conventional software applications that target the Windows platform are, of course, the most common but we also develop for other systems including Linux, Solaris and Apple in C, C++ and Objective C. Our web and Internet development teams build solutions for NT/IIS servers using VBScript ASP and also for Linux/Apache servers using PerlScript ASP. We also write shell scripts in Perl, Python and C.

The task often selects the tool and we use the most efficient tool for the task. Our development languages include:

  • Visual Basic
  • Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • SQL
  • ADO & ODBC
  • C / ++
  • C#, VB.Net
  • shell and batch scripts
  • ActionScript
  • CSS Level1, Level2
  • VBScript, JavaScript, JScript

Desktop Solutions Mission critical productivity applications designed to your business needs. Desktop reporting, analysis tools, document generators and more.

Database Solutions Relational data tools are the backbone of any successful business. Coordinated contact, order, inventory, supply and tracking data at your fingertips.

Automation Solutions Virtually any repetitive task can be automated to increase your productivity and reduce errors. Automation can also be applied to document and content. Neo•Paradigms has produced in-house solutions to write some of our own document templates in large projects - cutting hundreds of hours from our timeline budgets. How might automation be put to use for your business goals?

Software Integration Whether it be a custom developed solution or an off-the-shelf software suite, integration within your existing architecture can introduce unforeseen and even devastating configuration errors. You can be certain that downtime will be more costly than taking the time to ensure proper installation and setup within your current IT framework.

Project Development Neo•Paradigms has development experience with projects that range from shell scripts to multiple module application suites. Our engineering staff can assist your development project by providing project management, analysis to identify performance bottlenecks, debugging code for logic errors and developing critical modules for integration in your solution.

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