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Automated Solutions

Neo•Paradigms roots lie in traditional IT application development. Many companies find it difficult to hire an efficient consultancy that can build such applications at "internet speed". This service offering can either be a whole project or it can be part of an outsourced contract.

A large number of the applications we develop are Visual Basic and VB.NET applications addressing specific business needs of our clients. These customized approaches are based upon our Rapid Development Methodologies & Delivery Models and typically on a fixed time, fixed cost basis.

Neo•Paradigms' experience and capability in the fixed fee costing approach enables us to appropriately recommend a project plan and budget suited to specific client requirements.

Neo•Paradigms provides highly scalable digital business solutions that are aimed at aiding companies in their growth and helping them realize their fullest potential on- and off-line.

Office Automation Solutions

Neo•Paradigms has a long history of developing custom documents for use in Microsoft Office products. The Office product is a truly remarkable productivity suite and has, over time, proven indefensible in the business marketplace. Take maximum advantage of your software investment by customizing your documents to work within your business needs - the DEFAULT documents are just the beginning of what Microsoft Office can do for you.

Neo•Paradigms will assist your office staff by producing documents that are smart and work together for you. The triad of Word, Access and Excel prove to be a very potent tool for sharing information and data in coherent, "living documents." These documents can be caused to auto update from remote data stores, rebuild reports on the fly, even send data receipts when read or printed.

The kinds of tasks that commonly are embedded in a document template include

  • Repetitive tasks
  • Complex Formulae
  • Cross application data transfers (OLE Automation)
  • Data access
  • pre-formatted reports
  • spreadsheet row/column/cell protection
These are just some of the common tasks we routinely provide for our clients' documents. One of the most common requests we get is to provide modules for use in Microsoft® Access that utilize Microsoft® Excel to print formatted data reports of very large size. (We don't wish to speak ill of the tool, but Crystal Reports does not handle extra wide reports very gracefully.) Neo•Paradigms development team has more a decade of experience designing applications under Windows® 9.x/NT/ME/2K/XP. The mainstay of our work has been in data-driven business applications. There is no reason why your employees should have to spend more time on figuring out a tricky script instead of doing their actual jobs. We do it so you don't have to - and we do it well.

Manufacturing and Production Automation Solutions

In the production environment of Computer Aided Manufacturing automation solutions are put to use feeding machines their individual machine code files for parts manufacturing, tracking productivity in macro views (parts per hour, scrap per run, etc) and micro views (machine cycle times), providing verification of standards and protocols for client and government specifications (ISO 9000, etc.) and more.

The reach of automation spans the engineering desk to the shop floor - and the shipping docks as well. Neo•Paradigms developers have coded solutions from simple protocol chains through full shop floor monitoring applications in multiple data stores. Whether your IT infrastructure is MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access or a combination of them all, we will produce a robust, feature rich and extensible solution for your enterprise.

Contact Neo•Paradigms today for a preliminary assessment of your development requirements.
If you have already determined your specification, contact us for a free development quote!.

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