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The Philosophy

As you may have already discerned, our Earth emblem looks rather pregnant or egg-like. If you have become familiar with our motto and its reference to "illuminating the future," then you may understand that the image is meant to convey the aforementioned future as an expression of imminent fruition. We sometimes forget, engaged in the struggle, conflict and effort of our singular lives, that we live in a marvelously diverse and dynamic world.

Yes, we are often reminded of the lesser nature of Man witnessed in terrible acts but we are not diminished as a whole by the actions of factious entities bent on self-destruction. We all yet live amid marvels that were inconceivable scant decades ago.

Day by day, moment by moment we touch greatness and spawn a better "We." Exposed daily to new possibilities, we grow. Ambitious and confident, tempered with tolerance, grace and compassion we reach... and achieve.

The future is being Born, not 'borne,' by each of us. The future is brightened by our increasing perception - genius is not rare, it merely waits to come to light.

The Past

In 1988 Neo•Paradigms was born under the name of CyberSoft Data Solutions in Corvallis, OR. Principally a software design firm, we performed project management, full life-cycle development and support roles for a large range of projects. We also were responsible for corporate in-house and private client system builds, configuration and troubleshooting as needed. We began by coding small utilities, shell scripts and protocol objects in C/C++ for DOS and Unix environments.

When Windows® 95 was published the firm moved to Visual Basic. Our contracts increased in complexity to include design and coding of database applications to client business specifications. Other services performed included technical and Help documentation, full debug (Fn(), Module, Unit, App) testing and support. After functionality, interface and ease-of-use were primary requirements of our products. The company's goal was to provide effective, attractive, low-cost business solutions to smaller concerns.

CyberSoft incorporated business and high-end 3D graphics into it's services and got a facelift, a new location, and a new name; CyberDesign Studios of Milwaukie, OR. It was still a small company servicing a client base that included individuals through small organization sized businesses including the Oregon Food Bank, Digital Media Associates, and the Oregon Disabled Veterans Association. During the mid-nineties CyberDesign produced software and business identities for local and internet clients.

In 1992 we restructured one last time. More than a facelift and change of address (both of which occurred), we acknowledged the philosophical undercurrent that we had followed from the start. That philosophy, expressed as a statement, provided our name and motto:

"When the Models obtained of old no longer provide
        Our courage is challenged to illuminate the future

The Present

In 1997 Neo•Paradigms established offices in the Portland, Oregon metro area and a more comprehensive home on the World-Wide Web. Web services replaced our niche-market software development as the principle vehicle of the corporation. We have performed innumerable small ASP and database coding projects and satisfied all of our clients. Our Media division, through our "The Patriot" project, has earned Neo•Paradigms international acclaim and a Presidential Accommodation from President George Bush (Jr).

In November of 2001 Neo•Paradigms was acquired by a company based out of Nevada. From that point on Neo•Paradigms served the interests of this parent company. This relationship brought financial ruin to Neo•Paradigms until June of 2004 when our rightful owner reasserted control over the company.

We value the lessons learned at the hand of our former controlling company. This phase of our maturation has only strengthened our belief in our philosophy, our methods, and in the value of our work. Change is never easy. It is successfully brought about through courage and honest effort. To signify the passing of this shadow from our spirit and to demonstrate a cleansing in general, we redesigned our site once more. The new site is brighter and built to a clean, almost severe, standards compliance. The previous iteration of our Internet home, the 12th, was unquestionably a work of art - one of the finest graphic sites we ever made public. Although it has been retired it is still available for viewing in our archive.

The Future

The experiences we had under our deposed parent brought into sharp focus an inescapable fact: Most small and medium sized businesses are being taken sore advantage of by unscrupulous business practices on the Internet. Large sums of money are being spent on shoddy development. Secure personal and business credit information is being used fraudulently. SEO companies are using illicit and banned practices - while charging their clients top dollar for the 'work' - and causing their clients thousands of wasted dollars. Neo•Paradigms has been both witness and victim of these types of abuse. We find it most distasteful especially due to the fact that we, ourselves, are an Internet based company. Unethical business practices hurt legitimate businesses as well as the public.

Neo•Paradigms has formed a horizontal network to provide the widest possible range of quality Internet services for small to medium sized businesses on the web. Together with our partners we will encompass the entire realm of Internet need; web design, web development, templating, Database development, business graphics, presentations, search engine optimization, secure and spam free web mail forms, link exchange and popularity, business search engine, free site listings and, lastly, complete custom business hosting solutions.

Our network represents one of the largest and most comprehensive full Internet services alliances available today. Neo•Paradigms has carefully selected its partners based not only upon capability and quality but also on explicit standards of ethical and proper business practices. We are committed to not only provide the best in quality but also to conduct our businesses according to the highest standards of behavior. Our clients deserve the finest and we will deliver nothing less.

This is my company and these are my words.

Randall W. Hodgins
Founder And Managing Developer
July 11, 2004

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